Redbrick: “A new, left-focused Labour could be set to pose a very different challenge to the Conservative government than seen in any student’s lifetime”

 redbrick reader

So concludes Sarah James in Redbrick, the student publication of the University of Birmingham – seen via a lead in the Brummie aggregator. Redbrick is presented in the two mediums of print and online, made for students by students. All content is produced by student journalists, including reporters, commentators, photographers and editors. Any student of the University of Birmingham can join and contribute to the publication. Read her article: Can Corbynmania Last? 

Our shamelessly-partisan and internationally-ridiculed national press

“Another day, another Jeremy Corbyn outrage manufactured by the press”, Alex Garrido takes a closer look at the Labour leader’s candid words on Nuclear Arms.   Read his carefully argued account: Corbyn Refuses Nuclear Holocaust: Extreme?.

After a consideration of the political and diplomatic aspects of Corbyn’s approach, and “disregarding what should and should not be said publicly, if someone was genuinely prepared to “press the button”, to end human life as we know it, then, as far as I am concerned, they are a homicidal maniac with a staggering lack of basic humanity”. . .

redbrick logoEnds:

“This doesn’t, however, retract from the fact of yet another example of Corbyn’s disarming (however foolish) honesty. He is honest in a way that most politicians would shy away from, and should absolutely be commended for it. But instead he is once again being attacked for treating the public as intelligent citizens, bringing our shamelessly-partisan and internationally-ridiculed national press* into even further disrepute”. 

*Except, of course, for Redbrick. 



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