NHS Reinstatement Bill: National Activists Group write to Jeremy Corbyn

nhs reinstatement

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn – 15 campaigns and rising. There has been a very positive response to the letter so far with campaigns from round the country (St Helier to Hartlepool via Sussex, London, Birmingham, Liverpool etc) wanting to sign. 

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Dear Jeremy,

As grassroots NHS activists from around the country, we would like to congratulate you on being elected leader of the Labour Party. We very much welcome the potential your leadership and vision offer our NHS. Your role as co-sponsor of the 2015 NHS Reinstatement Bill which aims to restore a fully publicly-owned, publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS is particularly important in this.

In tackling the multi-pronged attack the NHS is facing we feel it important to recognise that legislative changes made by both Conservative and Labour governments from 1990 to 2010 were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the disastrous Health and Social Care Act (2012) and the resulting depredations of the Coalition government and its big business allies.

The NHS is now collapsing under the weight of government-engineered hospital closures, the haemorrhaging of exhausted and disillusioned staff at all levels and enforced long-term PFI re-payments.

In the light of current media attention on Labour party proposals for PFI debts to be refinanced via Local Authorities – this is one issue we would very much like to discuss as we believe there are serious pitfalls in this strategy which may not be immediately obvious. Ironically this approach, whilst sounding positive in the first instance, could advance rather than reverse the privatisation process.

As we all know there are other massive looming threats to the NHS – the devolution of health services to LAs, the awful implications of TTIP, the further slashing of social care budgets amongst many others.

Despite everything being thrown at us, we continue to have large and smaller campaigning victories including the historic “wins” – Gloucestershire, Lewisham, Bristol to name but three. We can all build on these successes.

We request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss our concerns and our ideas for immediately achievable initiatives by the Labour party in relation to the NHS, to support your vision of a “new politics” and a fairer society with the National Health Service we all expect and deserve.

The need for joint action on all our parts could not be more urgent if we want to preserve an NHS that remains comprehensive, publicly funded, publicly run and owned and providing universal, high quality care for all.

We look forward to meeting you.

For those who are still deciding whether to sign this is a quick reminder that the deadline is approaching. The more of our campaigns who sign the letter the letter the more likely we are to get a meeting. The sooner we get a meeting the sooner we can all give the Labour party our ideas about urgent actions they should be taking to support us all in saving the NHS. Please email nationalactivistnetwork@gmail.com by this Friday 23rd October to say:-

  • Your group would like to sign the letter (giving the full name of your campaign)
  • your group would like to be involved in a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn.


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