The election of Jeremy Corbyn brings Labour back to what they ought to be thinking about

alan BennettAward-winning playwright Alan Bennett once said, in an address to King’s College Cambridge: “There has been so little that has happened to England since the 1980s that I have been happy about or felt able to endorse. One has only had to stand still to become a radical.”

He said of the Conservatives, in an article in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine, “It’s not merely that they want to be the governing party, but the only party, and that’s never been a part of British political tradition.”

In a wide-ranging and open interview before the release of his new film, the Lady in the Van, starring Maggie Smith, he criticised the state of British politics and the press, and repeated his attack on the Daily Mail for ‘lies’ on the front page and their coverage of Corbyn not singing the national anthem: “Half the royal family don’t even sing the anthem … they don’t even seem to know the words to Jerusalem. The notion that you are required to sing the national anthem in order to prove your patriotism, and if you don’t you’re not patriotic, is so absurd.” 

In answer to a question about the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, he said: “I approve of him, if only because it brings Labour back to what they ought to be thinking about.”

As a regular passenger on the east coast mainline, Bennett said the opposition leader was “absolutely right” to want to nationalise the railways and that privatising it the “was pure ideology” of the Conservative-led coalition government: “It was making a profit and there was no reason to sell it back again. No good arguments have been advanced for it.”

Another question asking if electing Corbyn had been a ‘risk for the party’, was answered:

“I’m sure Corbyn is a risk, but I very much approve of him – everything he’s said seems to me to ring bells. The notion that they [Labour] were wanting to choose somebody who would win the election when we are three, four years away from one, regardless of what half the nation wants – that seems to me far more risky than what they have done.”


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