Oldham: vote of confidence in new Labour democracy, caring for the 99%

mcmahon meacher oldham

There was prolonged media speculation that the people of Oldham would turn to UKIP, reinforced by selected ‘soundbites’ with locals who said they would not vote for Corbyn’s Labour.

oldham graphicDespite this, the Labour candidate won the Oldham West and Royton by-election with a 10,835 majority and a 62% share of the vote – higher than the 40% gained at the general election.

The Economist describes Jim McMahon as the son of a truck driver who left school at 16,] and who runs Oldham’s ‘innovative, well regarded council’ at the age of 35.

Tamara Cohen in the Daily Mail tried valiantly to downplay this achievement, but the accompanying graphic (above) and the words quoted compensated for her attempt to diminish this electoral success.
mcmahon meacherJim McMahon said: ‘I can say with confidence that we represent every community in Oldham and every community came out and voted Labour’ and added that Oldham’s former MP, the late Michael Meacher, would have been proud of the result.

Jeremy Corbyn’s comment was: “Jim McMahon will make an excellent MP and a worthy successor to Michael Meacher, and I am looking forward to welcoming him to Labour’s team at Westminster: Jim ran a great campaign, focusing on bringing jobs to Oldham and giving every child the best opportunities.

“By-elections can be difficult for the party holding the seat, and turnouts are often low. But to increase our share of the vote since the general election is a vote of confidence in our party”.

Mr Corbyn ended by welcoming thisclear demonstration’  of trust. 


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  1. How wonderfully cheering after the horrible mess of Labour MPs voting to bomb Syria. And one in the eye for the MSM trying to persuade Oldham’s voters they were all going to vote UKIP!


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