“100 days in and Corbyn is stronger than ever”, Isabel Hardman in the Times

On New Year’s Day, the Times reports that its latest State of the Nation YouGov poll (also favourable to David Cameron) found Jeremy Corbyn looking more secure as Labour leader, with the proportion who think that he should step down before the election dropping from 53% in September to 47%. Among Labour voters 58% want him to stay and 33% want him to step down.

As a Moseley reader observes: “If Corbyn hangs in there, there’s a good chance the Tories will have annoyed so many people by 2020 that Labour wins a remarkable victory by stimulating enough Corbyn admirers to actually get out and vote”.

JC standingThe headline in the Times (Dec 21) was followed by the apparently obligatory rightwing mainstream political rehearsal of well-worn flimsy criticisms (national anthem etc) and his hostile colleagues. Ms Hardman continues (positive extracts only):

“(Jeremy Corbyn) is building up his power on the party’s national executive committee and speaks of giving party members a greater say in policy development, which would weaken his parliamentary critics still further. Even his media team is trying to be proactive with the press, rather than responding to bad coverage. And he has settled into a relationship with his party that could last all the way to the next election . . . ”

“Mr Corbyn’s opponents in his own party — and they haven’t diminished in number — are completely at sea. They wander about parliament looking confused and have little to say other than that they don’t know what’s going to happen next, and that they’re still rather despondent. They are fighting the Corbyn surge as weakly as they fought the leadership campaign this summer.

Conservatives and Labour Party ‘centrist opponents’ now talk of losing two or three general elections before members accept the need for Labour to move back to the centre. (! ? *)

Even the adversarial Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent (FT: Dec 20) admits that Jeremy Corbyn’s views energised some 250,000 Labour grass roots members: who are still enthusiastically behind him, according to recent polling . . . commenting that Mr Corbyn remains “positive and relaxed”, in the words of his spokesman and that rumours of ill health (where?) have been dismissed as malicious.

So Mr Corbyn is stronger 100 days after his election . . .


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