Jeremy Corbyn’s New Year message

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year

“There’s been a great spirit during the Christmas period: of families coming together and communities supporting each other, helping out neighbours, helping the homeless, helping out victims of floods in so many parts of the country.

york residents syrian refugees flood sandbags

Syrian refugees help local residents to build flood defences near York and Manchester ‘to give something back’

“It’s that spirit of community and solidarity we need to bring into the heart of our politics and the way our country is run.

“I was elected Leader of the Labour Party in September on a mandate for change.

“During these last three months, we’ve challenged this Government – and defeated them on:

  • Working Tax Credits,
  • cuts to the police service,
  • and running the prison service in Saudi Arabia.

“We will have to challenge them even more next year – on their damaging cuts to public services, and their lack of investment in our economy and our people. 

“But we will also offer a real alternative: a politics that gives people a say in the decisions that affect them, and an economy based on long-term investment, instead of self-defeating austerity. We want to build an economy fit for the 21st century.

Ministers add: 

Chi 2 OnuwarahChi Onwurah MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy:

Government has finally responded to our repeated calls for a digital strategy which sets the direction for our increasingly digital lives.

Labour believes we need this to ensure that we are both competitive and secure in the Digital Age and that everyone benefits from the digital revolution.”


John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, on the scrapping of the Financial Conduct Authority’s review into banking culture:

john mcdonnell smallThis will be a huge blow to customers and taxpayers who are still paying the price for the failed culture in the banking sector that’s been widely attributed to be among the main causes of the crash and the scandals over Libor and price fixing. It’s time the Chancellor used his influence to keep this review going.

Given the scale and severity of the failings in the financial sector and the criminal behaviour shown by some banks, the scrapping of the FCA’s review into banking culture sends the wrong message at the wrong time.” 


Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Lisa Nandy said:

lisa nandy smallFlooding shows that climate change should be the national security priority. Flood risk projections produced for the government and published in October this year conclude that annual damages caused by flooding in the UK will rise by 50% if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees centigrade – even assuming continued investment in flood defences. The government’s ‘cut now, crisis later’ approach to flooding has to end. Increasing spending on flood defences will be crucial, but these horrifying floods also underline why climate change must be a national security priority. Ministers must urgently update Britain’s climate resilience plan to keep people safe from the worsening risks we face from extreme weather. (See cross-party Environmental Audit Committee report on climate change adaptation:


Jeremy Corbyn’s hope for 2016

“2016 will be the start of a journey to elect a Labour government in 2020 that will do just that: a government that will deliver a fairer, more prosperous society that we can all enjoy – a society that works for all, not just the few.” 


Read the complete text here:



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