Plastic Hippo: the reality is that Corbyn is turning out to be something of a genius

plastic hippoForget calamitous flooding, doctors voting to strike, woeful economic performance, highway robbery on the railway, people being beheaded without trial, other people being shot in the head by a UK citizen and the Middle East about to explode into utter carnage, Corbyn has dominated the headlines, the sound bites and the in depth political analysis with a masterful PR strategy of not doing very much and saying absolutely nothing.

His much anticipated shadow cabinet “re-shuffle” has sent hacks into an orbit of hysterical speculation not witnessed since the Y2K bug threatened the very existence of human civilisation.

To dupe the ladies and gentlemen of the Fourth and Fifth Estates might be considered as being clever, but to dupe them into duping themselves is the work of genius.

Thus a few whispered words into susceptible ears in the lobbies, pubs and wine bars of Westminster had clairvoyant correspondents predicting carnage, a “revenge purge”, a night of the long knives and named the condemned facing the chop.

Serious political journalists laid siege to Corbyn

JC standingSerious political journalists laid siege to Corbyn in the manner of paparazzi lying on the pavement as young starlets climb out of limousines and then complained that they were kept waiting in a stairwell and not allowed into Corbyn`s office.

This is clearly an attack on press freedom, free speech, the rule of law and an affront to common decency. Corbyn and his politburo were obviously plotting to overthrow the monarchy and by forcing innocent journalists against their will to forego a night in the pub after a long day of stalking is nothing short of a threat to national security.

The realisation of being fooled exemplified by a windswept Laura K

With more backtracking than a diesel shunter in a railway goods yard, the frustration, anger and the realisation of being fooled was exemplified by a windswept Laura K on the BBC Monday night news. With a knowing smile she told us not to expect the “bloodbath” predicted by “insiders” and “senior Labour figures”. A mere 24 hours earlier, the same windswept Laura K told us to expect a “bloodbath”. Obviously bored with the story, 24 hours later she was in the warmth of the commons lobby to tell us that minor squabbles in the Conservative Party were a minor distraction away from the more important issue of the EU referendum itself. Perhaps Laura is considering a sabbatical at Fox News.

When something actually happened that required reporting, the media stopped bleating about being kept waiting and went into full, shock, horror mode . . . After the initial question “who?” the outrage at the dismissal of Pat McFadden indicated that the terminal decline of the Labour Party was complete and socialism was finally dead.

Neither is true and unless the Labour Party realise this and stop the childish name calling, insults and in-fighting and turn their attention to challenging the creation of a Tory single party state, the UK will slowly morph into a totalitarian nightmare.

This nightmare is approaching in small but incremental steps:

  • through TTIP,
  • the Trade Union Bill,
  • constituency boundary gerrymandering,
  • the neutering of the Lords
  • and changes to party funding. 

After the Labour bloodbath, hacks went home or to Annabel`s or to the Groucho and did not report on:

  • the commons flooding debate,
  • the latest Home Office failings
  • a truly pernicious Housing and Planning Bill that the government is sneaking through at three o`clock in the morning.

They find a ‘good old fashioned if completely manufactured “revenge purge” ‘ far more interesting than these and other issues which will adversely affect many ordinary – aka unimportant – people.


Edited extracts – the complete text was found via The Brummie aggregator:



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