#JC4PM tour

Crispin Flintoff is encouraging people to support the first #JC4PM tour event at the O2 Kentish Town on Thursday.

o2 kentish venueDozens of musicians, comedians, poets and people from the political world are coming to show support for Jeremy Corbyn – including Billy Bragg, Charlotte Church, Brian Eno, Ken Loach, Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy, Francesca Martinez, Grace Petrie, Arthur Smith, Sara Pascoe, Lindsey German, John Rees, Mark Serwotka, John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone.

It will be moving on to Bristol, Edinburgh, Croydon and Newcastle in February and March. More dates are being organised in May. To book tickets go to http://www.jc4pmtour.com/.
concertc crispin flintoffAs yet, only Andrew Whitaker in the Scotsman found the events ‘newsworthy’. Flintoff asks if this is because a story about big names supporting Jeremy Corbyn does not fit in with the narrative that he is losing support or is not credible, and comments, “The range of names backing the Labour leader despite all the media attacks on him undermines the media itself”.

Flintoff (right) continues: “The second reason that the tour is not being reported is that the media want it to fail. If it does not receive publicity then it is harder to sell tickets and fill out the venues. Then they could possibly write a negative story about it!”

Later, in the Independent, he wrote: “The response has taken me by surprise. I have had 7,000 hits in under two days. And since people began discussing it, stories about the tour seem to have begun to appear in newspapers that previously reacted with disinterest” and we note that a day later the Telegraph covered the tour handsomely!


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