Metro readers write in about Jeremy Corbyn

Blair’s Labour Party: nothing more than a second-hand, bewildered Conservative Party?

JC 4 smallMr Corbyn’s speeches are all about policy with zero personal attacks – so refreshing. Perhaps it will introduce a new political style in Britain? 

I don’t mind if Jeremy Corbyn is electable or not. What matters to me is that we now have a caring credible force to hinder the Conservative Party which, under the austerity green light, is removing many of the achievements that working people have gained over the centuries.

keir hardieJeremy Corbyn has finally given Labour some kind of moral compass. I’m an SNP supporter but I respect the fact that Mr Corbyn represents Keir Hardie’s Labour style. (Keir Hardie, right)

He is more representative of the British public as a whole, far more than the dozen or so self-serving Tory millionaires sitting round the table will ever be.

The only delusion I can see is the suggestion that this wrecking ball of a government has any kind of mandate, considering the lack lustre electoral result it scraped through on in May.

Who needs a Labour Party that is nothing more than a second-hand, bewildered Conservative Party?

Time will tell if Labour actually does what it pledges and fights austerity and Trident in a progressive alliance with the SNP, the Greens and Plaid Cymru.


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