Guido Fawkes, “Corbyn surge!” Not so, there has been a steady increase in party and public support

David Lindsay reminds Fawkes’ readers (Corbyn surge) that ever since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, Labour has been holding and winning local government seats on a weekly basis.

See recent polls in chronological order



corbyn 2020

corbyn approval



party2 polls 2016 chart

jc latest poll

ICM is owned by Creston Insight – not the Guardian as frequently asserted. Indeed that newspaper has not welcomed its latest finding.

The Independent summarises the findings (above): “Labour has drawn level with the Conservatives in an opinion poll for the first time since the 2015 general election. Jeremy Corbyn’s party was up four points compared to last month in ICM’s monthly phone poll, at 36%, while the Conservatives were down three to 36%”.


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