Jeremy Corbyn’s Budget response ‘reveals six years of failure’ (Sky News)

Bearing in mind the media’s preoccupation with irrelevancies –Jeremy Corbyn’s clothing on Budget Day – a picture of him looking quite elegant has been added here.

corbyn boris shake hands

The BBC coverage was more sensible: detailed and positive – no Kuenssberg style spin and sniping. Their video extract showed Mr Corbyn speaking powerfully, describing Mr Osborne’s Budget as “the culmination of six years of his failures” accusing him of presiding over low productivity, investment and ambition, and failing to show a “real commitment” to ending inequality. He said:

“This is a chancellor who has produced a Budget for hedge fund managers more than for small businesses . . . The gulf between what the Conservative government expects from the wealthiest and what it demands from ordinary British taxpayers could not be greater”. His charges against the government included:

  • “systematic under-investment in the North” with the government standing by as the steel industry bled;
  • cuts to welfare for disabled people;
  • cuts to pensions for nurses and teachers;
  • cuts to local government funding;
  • an attack on the government’s record on home ownership: ‘a generation has been “locked out” by its policies;
  • and ‘mate’s rates’ deals for big corporations on tax deals.

A shocked commentator in the Independent exploded: “Anybody and anything would be better than the purely evil Bullingdon dictators who run things at the moment. How the humanity in this country has slipped away”.

The Independent described one moment in his rebuttal when Mr Corbyn left David Cameron, Theresa May and Mr Osborne himself “completely ashen-faced”see video

cameron orborne may budget moment of truth

This ‘moment of truth’ came when he raised the issue of  cuts to benefits for disabled people that will see some claimants lose £30 per week. The cuts also provoked Green MP Caroline Lucas to accuse the Chancellor of “breathtaking hypocrisy” when he described the Budget as supporting “those who need it most”. She said “Last week we learned that half a million people will lose up to £150 per week due to cuts in personal independence payments. I simply ask the chancellor this: If he can finance the giveaways he has put in his budget to different sectors, why can’t he fund the need for dignity for disabled people in this country?”

Another commentator in the Independent says that Jeremy Corbyn constantly proves that politics can be done differently: “All he needs to do is keep calm, stick to his principles that a Tory government will always act against the needs of the majority of the electorate, and point out that Labour has a different economic plan that will benefit the majority and not the wealthy super-elite, and he has it in the bag”.

Read the full speech here:




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