Alarm bells ring: Labour ahead in the polls – Murdoch’s Times hurriedly confects nonsense  

corbyn poll lead

In the more or less Conservative Spectator, James Forsyth reported that when an ICM phone poll this week had Labour level with the Tories the pollster cast doubt on the finding. But now YouGov has Labour ahead by a point—34% to 33%. YouGov’s Anthony Wells says that this suggests ‘something is genuinely afoot’

 The Mail, who published the YouGov graphic above, says that the lead will come as a boost to Mr Corbyn who faces his first major election test as Labour leader within weeks as major polls are due in the devolved parliaments, London and councils across England.

In a clumsy attempt to compare the two JCs, Patrick Ridd in the Times – “Labour leader ‘crucified’ in PMQs” – repeated the foul-mouthed tweets of disloyal Labour MP John Woodcock, who, ‘while the cock was crowing, wanted to deny JC’ and then came to Jeremy Corbyn’s fourth question and the so-called ‘grand unravelling’.

JC 6Mr Corbyn, as usual, was thoughtful and composed and asked how the chancellor would find a spare £4.4 billion to plug his economic black hole now that the disability cuts had been reversed. As serious issues about the rise in homelessness and the stress felt by disabled people threatened with the loss of income were greeted with unruly jeering, the Labour leader pointed out that those MPs have no idea what it is like to have to balance a budget with rents going up and children needing new clothes

camron laughs in commons smallerRidd reports that Mr Cameron then flourished a list that he said had been drawn up in the opposition leader’s office (not so according to Mr Corbyn). This divided the parliamentary party into five groups according to their perceived loyalty. The prime minister read from it with glee.

Jeremy Corbyn called on David Cameron to leave the theatre and return to reality. 

Ridd wrote: “The sombre, thoughtful atmosphere had gone. The Tories were overjoyed, the opposition dismayed”.

A Times reader comments on Ridd’s article:

Yougov minimised the Labour lead but a reader made up for it on their website: The government has had a terrible week, and all of our sudden our press are crapping themselves that Labour took a lead in polls and are trying to change the subject. Can I just say what a ridiculous distraction this (probably non-existent) “list” is. 

“Corbyn and McDonnell are sincerely trying to drag our politics kicking and screaming away from this kind of childish nonsense”.



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