“I had to invest in the future”

Lesley Docksey writes:

I’m a very independent person – I don’t like my politics to be given ‘labels’. But… From the moment Jeremy Corbyn entered the Labour leadership race, I signed up as a supporter. I’ve met Corbyn, heard him (and McDonnell) on many occasions and boy – did I support what he was putting forward.

I support Labour for its protection of people, the workers, the ill, the elderly. I understand their defence of industry and jobs. But I also support the Greens because I care beyond anything else about the environment. Its health is what keeps us alive.

That is why I went online and donated some of my precious money to the Labour Party. It could have paid for something else but I had to invest in the future.

I hope and pray that Labour does well on Thursday; that every voter who can goes out and votes Labour; and that everyone who reads this digs in to depleted wallets and does the same as I finally did.

Lesley is ‘distressed and revolted by the managed ‘anti-semitism’ campaign, so carefully timed to scupper the local elections this week’ – to read her ‘rant’ go to Corbyn attackers “wedded to a bilious and myopic illusion of ‘power’”






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