Vote Labour for Corbyn: an honest and peace-loving political leader offering a better future for a deeply compromised country

Yesterday, one of the FT’s most unpleasant journalists wrote that voters are beginning to feel that “Labour under Mr Corbyn has become unmoored from the sensible country they live in. By 2020, these will hover to the front of their minds and they will vote appropriately, dealing the party a rout from which there is no promise of recovery”. But historian Dr Geoffrey Foote (university of Teeside) sets him straight:

“(Janan Ganesh) argues rightly that “Labour was founded as a party to improve the material conditions of working people through parliamentary means, but then goes on to the outrageous claim that a lefty and pacifist like Jeremy Corbyn should not even be a Labour MP. This betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of Labour’s political thought.

“The party was founded by a combination of non-socialist trade unionists and socialists — some of them very dogmatic Marxists — in order to protect working people. While the main Marxist founder-group left within a year, Marxism remained a distinct tradition within Labour from the very start.

“The socialist left was a strong pressure group within the party and even captured the party’s organisation in the 1970s-early 1980s, while their policies have been at least as radical as the present set — just think of the call by Stafford Cripps in 1934 for restraints to be placed on the monarchy and House of Lords to enable socialist legislation to pass.

“As for the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader, this was not the result of the influx of leftists who saw a chance of victory, but the actions of the trade unions in creating the possibility of that victory after their disappointment with Ed Miliband. His victory underlines the central relationship between Labour and the unions on which the party was founded.

Many readers will add that hundreds and thousands of people have flocked to Corbyn because he represents a new hope; the unprecedented prospect of an honest and peace-loving political leader offering a better future for a deeply compromised country.





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