English local elections: Labour has been retaining key councils

BBC analyst John Pienaar suggests that Corbyn-Labour’s vote share is up 4% on the general election in key wards with the Conservatives down by a similar amount. Can the site’s graph be accurate at this stage (5am, 6th May?) It tallies with that in the Murdoch Times:

JC local 2 election 2016 graph

The obnoxious Labour MP John Mann – one of Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest critics – conceded that the party was “doing OK” but he said it should be winning by a landslide against a feuding and weakened Conservative Party.

The Times graph:

JC local 2 election 2016 graph times 

Labour held the Westminster seat of Sheffield Brightside in a by-election, on a 5.8% swing from the Conservatives. 

Do watch: 

The unfortunate Laura Kuenssberg substantial ‘put down’ prepared for John McDonnell was demolished in seconds – see video clip: the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg confronts Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell with Labour’s election memo.

The Independent reported a Sky News projection – if tonight’s results were repeated in a general election – put Conservatives on 280 seats and Labour on 265, with the SNP on 56, Liberal Democrats 25 and a single UKIP MP.


Encouraging – all to play for.




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