Labour vote share increases, members of the public comment:

Yes! Corbyn offers the prospects of a genuine Labour Party for the first time in years and I for one am delighted that he is at the helm.

The sour grapes of the Blairites is only to be expected

Labour just won a majority in the local elections. If last night had been a general election, Labour would be in power today. No matter how the anti-Corbyn media tries to dress this up, a win is a win.

Of course the real losers today are the media – Corbyn has shown the limits of their power to influence voting.

The only negatives I’ve ever heard are that he looks like a teacher and wouldn’t fire a nuke.

I have no political affiliations but can see that the Tory party are doing massive damage to the long term social and economic prospects of the UK.

Why is it wrong to have someone in charge who cares about people, will actually answer a question and has considered political views instead of soundbites?

Corbyn remains popular because people don’t trust the media in this country.

And the media know it.

Source: a few of over 1000 comments:




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