Spoofed! Local election results

Two maps and Lesley’s welcome interpretation

election results spoof mapJohn from Bournville queried the map on the right, happily published on this site yesterday, asking:

  • What do the colours mean?
  • Highest total vote?
  • Highest percentage increase since last election?

After a lot of digging around the explanation in italics was found here:

“Regardless of how it distributes the results, the map cannot possibly represent Thursday’s results, as over 100 areas of England weren’t voting in local council elections last week. The second map is rather more representative of how and where people actually voted last week – but it is definitely less socially shareable”. 

The link to the source of the spoof: https://twitter.com/EtonOldBoys

But it did not add the necessary explanation for its choice of representative map – below. To get the explanation I had to go to the source: Wikipedia.

election results map

Lesley Docksey’s welcome response

  • What one needs to look at is not coloured maps but how few council seats Labour lost, compared with the Tories.
  • Look at the fact that Bristol got its Labour mayor and an overall majority on the council.
  • It is not so much that Labour is gaining traction (which it is) but that people are turning against the Tories.
  • And (we add – whatever may be your thoughts on these developments) the majority of elected mayors are Labour. Out of 18, 1 is Tory, 2 LibDem, 2 Independent and 13 are Labour. 

And we revisited the Indy’s 16 reasons to vote for Jeremy Corbyn posted 9 months ago by Evan Bartlett 

Simon Bullows commented 263 days ago: “I registered to vote for the first time in my life because of this man”.

Jamie Krukowski: “I admire Corbyn a great deal. A number of his policies are ones I agree with and I appreciate the ideas he has but above all its due to his principals and morals. He’s dedicated, I believe he’s a true monument to the adage ‘A government selected by the people, for the people’. It’s also, and this is something I’ve fundamentally believed in for a number of years, about time we had a potential PM who hasn’t been to Eton or Oxbridge. It does often breed a certain mentality that I believe is against working to the best interests of the wider population . . . I would vote Corbyn for leadership and would especially hope he would make it to PM”.






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