An apology for invading Iraq and a resolve to learn the lessons of Chilcot

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn today committed the party:

JC large rally

·         to uphold international law,

·         to seek peaceful solutions to international disputes,

·         to respect the role and authority of the United Nations

·         and always to treat war as the last resort.

In addition to his earlier public statement Jeremy Corbyn has written directly to Labour members and supporters after the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry report on Wednesday, following his apology on behalf of the Labour Party, for deciding to go to war in Iraq. He made these statements because he believes that politicians and political parties grow stronger when they face up to their mistakes.

This apology was owed to the people of Iraq, the families of those UK soldiers who died in Iraq or returned home injured or incapacitated, and to the millions of British citizens who feel our democracy was undermined when the decision to go to war was made.

He ended by stressing that the Iraq war divided the party and the country; the lessons of Chilcot — and what has taken place since 2003 — need to be learnt for the future.





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