Latest YouGov poll: Labour Party members’ growing support for Jeremy Corbyn

The International Business Times reports that the latest YouGov poll, commissioned by The Times – in sharp contrast with careerist MPs like Caroline Flint, Angela Smith and many more – reveals members’ growing support for Jeremy Corbyn.

labour contenders

Some of the findings of the YouGov survey of 1,019 Labour members, polled between Friday 15 July and Monday 18 July:

  • 44% said they would definitely vote for Corbyn in the September leadership contest -an 8% increase compared to a fortnight ago. 
  • Another 13% said that they would probably vote for him.
  • If there was a head-to-head contest, Corbyn is predicted to garner 58% of the votes against Eagle’s 34%.
  • If Corbyn faced off Smith, he would secure 56% against Smith’s 34%.
  • The YouGov poll finds that the party leader would beat Angela Eagle and Owen Smith, his rivals, by a margin of more than 20 points.
  • The proportion who think that Mr Corbyn is doing well is now 55%, up four points in a fortnight.

His net positive score has gone up from three points to 14 and 54% of Labour members say that he would be their first preference in the forthcoming leadership contest, compared with 21% who back Ms Eagle and 15% who support Mr Smith.

Labour’s members, thought to number about 375,000, will vote on the leadership in September. Thousands more are expected to pay £25 to sign up to vote before a deadline tomorrow.

As Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor of the Times, comments, “Corbyn’s popularity among grassroots Labour members has grown in spite of a barrage of criticism from MPs over his leadership”.





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