Elect a Labour government which will make the economy work for everyone, not just the top 1%


Chris Williamson the former Labour MP for Derby North, writes:

“Despite what you may have read elsewhere, the Labour Party is in rude health. For the first time in decades, we are a mass movement party offering a bold prospectus to the country. Sadly one tiny branch of the party is struggling to come to terms with that fact. 

“The tiny branch in question is the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP). I was a member of this branch for five years from 2010 until 2015”.

In his article, which may be read here, he explains that the PLP does not have the powers it once did, following the decision to introduce a one-member-one-vote system which deprived the PLP of its special status in electing the party leader, continuing:

“Two years on and it seems many Labour MPs are no longer so keen on being part of a genuinely democratic political party.  While they should be celebrating the democratic revival within the party, for some reason a number of Labour MPs don’t see it that way and have forced another leadership contest just 10 months after members last made their choice clear . . . Furthermore, the ongoing refusal by the majority of the PLP to take up positions on the front bench, in order to hold the government to account, means they are effectively refusing to do their job.  In any other profession this would lead to summary dismissal for gross misconduct”.

Chris Williamson records that people have been inspired to join the Labour Party in huge numbers because of Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity and policy agenda. He won the Labour leadership last year because he offered an alternative to austerity and the stale old politics of the last three decades.

This includes:

  • plans to ensure a future Labour government would make the economy work for everyone, not just the top 1%, unlike the austerity-lite that Labour had previously offered,
  • a commitment that a future Labour Government would build council houses and regulate private sector rents,
  • a pledge to scrap tuition fees and reintroduce student maintenance grants,
  • a promise to renationalise the railways and take a stake in our utilities,
  • a determination to substantially increase the minimum wage,
  • investment in hi-tech manufacturing,
  • a commitment to stop corporations offshoring skilled and semi-skilled jobs,
  • a guarantee that a future Labour government would repeal the anti-trade union legislation,
  • a resolution to clamp down on tax evasion and stop British dependencies being used as tax havens
  • and a resolve to renew the nation’s infrastructure, create a million green jobs and eradicate fuel poverty, welcomed by campaigners, trade unions and businesses alike.

Jeremy Corbyn is offering the country a new consensus; a consensus that works in the interest of the majority of the British people. This is precisely why he is being traduced by the very establishment who want to preserve the status quo, including those Labour MPs who are attempting to sabotage Labour’s efforts to build a fairer, compassionate, and more secure and prosperous country.





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