In case you do not ‘stay in touch’ via party mailings, here is Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership message


Our party is now at a crucial moment: do we look forwards toward taking on the Tories, winning and forming a Government or do we turn back to the same old failed ways of doing things that lost two General Elections.


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I first joined our party for the same reason as most members. I knew we had to elect a Labour government if we wanted to create a country — and a world — very different to the one we have. All my life I’ve lived by my values; defined by a belief in social justice, an economy that puts people first, good wages so people can live in dignity, human rights for all and a foreign policy based on peace and respect. I have never strayed from them and you can trust I never will.

These are the values that will take our party back to power.

Under my leadership, Labour has become the biggest party in Europe, and is still growing. Our party’s finances are healthier than ever before. We are no longer beholden to corporate donors, but funded by the ordinary people we seek to serve. We will use our resources to organise in every part of this country to take the fight to the Tories. We will be the most innovative, effective and formidable campaigning force our country has ever seen, using the talents, skills and knowledge of all of our members. We will be ready for a general election, whenever it may come. We need a principled, reforming Labour government to rebuild and transform Britain, so that no one and no community is left behind. We are laying out that agenda, underpinned by our fiscal credibility rule, so we can invest to grow the economy.

We’ve set out those plans in our ten pledges to rebuild and transform Britain.

In Parliament, I am determined to reach out the hand of friendship and solidarity to my Labour colleagues. Our members, our communities, our country, are calling on us to unite and do what we are elected to do — take on the Tories. If you trust me to stay true to our party’s values, and oppose the Tories at every turn, then vote for a party where hope is not just expected, but demanded.

Together we can win power to rebuild and transform Britain, so that no one and no community is left behind.


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  1. Having been denied my right to vote as a party member because I had joined too late – the first time I have ever been a member of a political party – I gritted my teeth and paid £25 and then worried that I would be barred some other way. But I’ve sliiped under the radar and got my ‘security number’ today so I can vote for Jeremy! I shall relish doing that.

    And I know that Owen Smith will be dropped like a hot potato after the election – he is nothing but a cypher to distract us all while they plot behind the scenes to either take over the Labour Party with all its assets, or reappear as the Co-op Party – which won’t exactly go down well with Co-op members!

    And here’s a thing: we can’t join the Labour Party if we belong to or have affiliations with another poitical party. So how come some Labour MPs not only belong to the Labour Party but are also members of the Co-op Party?? Just another example of one law for them and another for us.


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