The BBC as an arm of the state

Daisy Whyatt, writing in the ‘I’ paper reports the views of film director Ken Loach.


 He affirms: “The BBC is not some objective chronicler of our time – it is an arm of the state. They have this pretence of objectivity where in fact it is propaganda on behalf of the broad interests of the state.”

Ken added that the press was against Mr Corbyn because he is “the first Labour leader since its inception that is a real threat to capital”, Politics Home reported.

He also said he was disappointed that some of Mr Corbyn’s policy announcements, such as the reopening of public libraries and the end to privatisation of the NHS, went unreported in the mainstream media.

Fairly representing Corbyn?


A report by the London School of Economics in July found that three-quarters of newspaper stories about Mr Corbyn at the start of his leadership failed to report his views accurately. The media researchers found that in 52% of articles about the Labour leader, his views were not included – while in a further 22% they were “present but taken out of context” or otherwise distorted.

An August report by Media Reform Coalition, based at Goldsmiths’ Leverhulme Media Research Centre, has found that critics of Mr Corbyn were given twice as much airtime on TV than was given to those who support him.

A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC is editorially independent and our news adheres to clear impartiality guidelines. “Our coverage of Labour remains impartial whilst airing views from both sides of the party’s ongoing divisions.”





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