Corbyn in Brussels

As all eyes were on the first day of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool, the FT focussed elsewhere. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday 25th, when he spoke at length about the Brexit process, Duncan Robinson reports in the FT, apparently with some regret, that Jeremy Corbyn is likely to receive a warm welcome in Brussels.


Socialist leaders meet in Brussels

He notes that during the Brexit campaign Corbyn was perceived as giving his support for the EU a “seven, or seven and a half” – but that this score would be  acceptable to his political peers in Europe, who have been highly critical of the organisation.

Mr Corbyn’s criticisms of the EU are described as being ‘pretty mainstream’, questioning bans on state aid and the proximity of Brussels and big business.

Robinson writes:

“Astute observers of EU politics draw similarities between Mr Corbyn’s comments on the future of the bloc (“I want to see a social Europe, a cohesive Europe, a coherent Europe, not a free market Europe”) and those of centre-right European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (“Europe is not social enough, we have to state it clearly”)”.

He ends sourly:

“Finally, there is no one else. The left in Europe is not a smorgasbord of charismatic politicians. Mr Corbyn might not offer much, but he managed to turn Labour – on some measures – into the largest party by membership in western Europe, even if his overall polling numbers are dire”.

Is Mr Robinson unable or unwilling to appreciate Corbyn’s honesty, consistency and increasingly constructive thinking, which is enthusing hundreds of thousands of British people – and many abroad?


Read a more balanced and informative account in the sometimes surprising Daily Mail:





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