It seems Jeremy Corbyn was right about one or two things

peter-cavePeter Cave, who lectures in philosophy, ethics, and a principal examiner for the Chartered Insurance Institute replies superbly and succinctly to one of Janan Ganesh’s acutely jaundiced articles in the Financial Times (emphasis added):

Sir, Maybe Janan Ganesh and I live in different worlds.

According to Mr Ganesh, (FT: “Disillusioned Corbyn backers deserve no sympathy’), the 20th century has provided an “extended rebuttal” of Jeremy Corbyn’s views on economics and foreign policy.

Does this mean that Mr Corbyn was wrong:

  • to attack the west’s arms supplies to Saddam Hussein,
  • to oppose the subsequent Iraqi war,
  • and to encourage peace talks with the IRA when such encouragement was much condemned?

Does this mean that Mr Corbyn was wrong: 

  • to support the minimum wage when much mocked by the Tories — remember? — to challenge private finance initiatives
  • and to oppose the deregulations that led to financial disasters and vast wealth inequalities?

Indeed, if he is wrong to argue that current capitalism and government austerity programmes have harmed the poor, then presumably our new prime minister Theresa May is wrong in finally recognising such.

I could go on. 


(Ed: please do)





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