Doomed to a Conservative/UKIP majority after the next election?

Many are supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s social, environmental and equality programme but on immigration . . .

Well before an increasingly canny Theresa May used a patriotic ‘dog whistle’ on this subject as “a necessary exercise of the Conservative Party’s ancient talent for survival”, Colin Hines wrote to the Guardian in September about schisms on immigration policy which, he believes, threaten the future of the Labour party.

A month before the 23 June Brexit referendum you published a letter from me (Labour losing ground to Ukip over migrants, 24 May) warning that Jeremy Corbyn’s policy of “accommodate but don’t control” immigration went against the views of the majority, who realised that the present level of immigration made tackling the social concerns of the “left behind” much more difficult. Having learned nothing from Brexit, Corbyn is sticking to his more-immigration guns in what looks like an electoral death wish.

“It is the opposite of internationalism, since it implies that we will continue to steal doctors, nurses, IT experts etc from poorer countries, rather than train enough of our own.

“Let’s be clear: continuing with our present immigration policies is also undemocratic, as more than three-quarters of us want immigration reduced, while less than 5% want it increased (Ed: scroll down this text patiently).

“Yet there is a way out of this. Many of us are very supportive of the rest of Corbyn’s social, environmental and equality programme, but unless Labour debates how to makes controlling immigration a central plank of its manifesto, we are surely doomed to a Conservative/UKIP majority after the next election”.





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