Update to ‘Jeremy Corbyn: the rail system’

As the Department for Transport is considering taking direct control of Southern Rail and placing it in civil service hands until another private operator can be found, a reader adds:

“Southern Railways, whose senior directors have paid themselves huge, unwarranted dividends, would welcome the chance to walk away. Some commentators think they have been operating a cynical strategy to provoke the government into sacking them rather than being seen to walk away from it. That way they can blame the Unions and avoid being seen as incompetent or unable to run such an enterprise, avoid massive financial penalties and manage their reputational damage”.  Another observer continues,

“The taxpayer and traveller will pick up the bill and a couple of civil servants will pick up a knighthood.

“How long before the present operators of Southern Rail pop up, reinvigorated, to run another section of John Major’s legacy to the nation?” 

http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/southern-rail-franchise-at-risk-of-being-renationalised-sb5nv7xcd (paywall)





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