A rarity: a senior politician not beholden to the wealthy

Lesley Docksey alerts us: the ‘Blairite-controlled Labour HQ’ is withholding resources from Jeremy Corbyn’s office – and The Times adds a footnote

Lesley writes: “In September last year, I sat through an excruciating session at Labour’s annual Conference, listening to the party’s treasurer (right) patting herself and the platform on the back over the abundant condition of the party’s debt-free finances – with no acknowledgement whatever of the fact that the party owes that state of affairs to the massive surge in the Corbyn-supporting membership, which now generates annual income for the party of £50 million.

She recommends an informative article which gives a number of relevant facts, including “As the largest party in opposition, Labour receives around £5.5 million in Short money for the current financial year – plus £789,000 specifically for the purpose of funding the office of the Labour leader”.

Lesley continues: “The Labour Party is not ‘short’ of cash (Ed see BBC report). So there is no excuse for what you’re about to read”.

The release of Corbyn’s tax return showed that he is spending his own money to fund salaries for some of his staff and a senior Labour source has confirmed to this blog that Corbyn’s office is being forced to run with only half the staff that Ed Miliband had.

 Lucy Fisher in The Times says that though the government’s Trade Union Bill would slash the contributions that 14 Labour-affiliated unions are able to make to the party, “Jeremy Corbyn treats big Labour donors with disdain“.

Five anonymous former donors complain that they had had no individual contact from the Labour leadership team and one accused Mr Corbyn of holding wealthy donors ‘in utter disdain’.

At a meeting of Labour backers from business, that donor said that Mr Corbyn “lectured everyone on the need for business owners to pay workers more. Some of these people give thousands of pounds to try and get Labour elected. You do not deliver a lecture.”

But Dale Vince, the founder of the wind-power firm Ecotricity, who has given £380,000 to Labour, said that he had not noticed any difference in the level of contact since Mr Corbyn took over. He said he liked the Labour leader’s “honesty, integrity and decency” and would continue to donate.

The Corbyn-supporting membership, which now generates annual income for the party of £50 million, as individuals or together with their Labour Party branch/CLP, should demand that funding to Jeremy Corbyn’s staff is restored to its previous level and that Corbyn – with no interference or limitation – is able to choose the personnel for his team.





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