Two readers send Jeremy Corbyn a wish-list

Labour’s support has grown because of Corbyn’s policies based on peace, respect and our shared humanity. And this vision goes beyond national boundaries to his vision of how we relate to the rest of the world. No longer Blair’s ‘war-fighting nation’, ‘punching above its weight’, but a decent part of a shared community of nations.


The wish-list: spot the contradictions!

  • scrap Trident,
  • scrap HS2 and replace with local rail infrastructure projects, scrap metro extensions where they take space used by buses,
  • scrap government funding of Hinkley Point B,
  • introduce a financial transactions tax,
  • increase corporation tax,
  • increase income tax for those at the top,
  • build more council houses,
  • stop funding private landlords with public money,
  • scrap the public funding of free schools,
  • allow local government to introduce investment bonds
  • increase VAT to 25%,
  • reduce corporation tax,
  • keep income tax at current levels,
  • close 10 universities and
  • add more bands to council tax and revalue properties sensibly.

Can you add to this?





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  1. Yes- a rightwing wanderer!


  2. The good news is that some of these, like building more council houses and increasing corporation tax are already LP policy, but why CLOSE 10 universities? Someone believing in the ‘There old fashioned right-wing elitist we are born with fixed intelligence and there is a finite number of people clever enough to go to university.’ line? Someone wandered in from the Tories here? Someone wanting to massively cut young people’s chances of higher education? I think we need as well-educated a population as possible. We shouldn’t be starting to limit education – please!


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