Jeremy Corbyn award: BBC & MSM can no longer suppress news at will

Many are celebrating Jeremy Corbyn’s landmark award from the International Peace Bureau, the Campaign for World Democracy and the city of Geneva. It was Corbyn’s second major international award for peace (he received a Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award in 2013). He received it jointly with world-renowned philosopher, author and political activist Noam Chomsky.

Steve Walker asked how the BBC, as public service broadcaster, could have failed to report that the leader of the UK’s official opposition and holder of an 8-point voting intention poll lead over the government has received an international peace award – alongside one of the world’s foremost philosophers and authors?

His search found no MSM result and another undertaken by the writer 15 minutes ago found many social media entries but only one, and a very sour one at that, referring to another occasion, which ‘slammed’ Corbyn for congratulating ICAN for the Nobel Peace Award: SNP MP Ian Blackford asking “where was Labour when the SNP were left to lead the charge against the renewal of trident last year” even though Jeremy Corbyn with 47 other Labour MPs voted against renewal.

As Walker reflects “Hard to argue that (Corbyn’s peace award) is not worth at least a mention in some corner of the BBC News website”.





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