Jo Bird re Frank Field: anti-Jewish racism is being used as a political weapon

Jo Bird, known for her work for the co-operative movement, writes on her Facebook page:



More than 100 members from all wings of Wirral Labour Party worked together to elect me, in our successful local by-election this month. We spoke with over 2,100 residents and I heard no-one raise the issue of antisemitism. 

Unlike Frank Field, my constituents’ highest priority is ending cruel Conservative government cuts to services we all rely on. The New Ferry part of my ward was devastated by a huge explosion in March last year and the government’s response is shockingly pathetic. 

Cllr Jo Bird
Labour councillor for Brombrough and New Ferry







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  1. Vic Parks writes (by email): Yep, I totally agree. It’s the Progress lot (Blairites) who are using it as a weapon against Corbyn. I’ve never come across anti-Semitism myself. Criticism of Israel and its War crimes, disproportionate reaction to stone throwing, etc, and illegal settlements (against UN resolutions) is being transposed into being anti-Jew, which is not the case.


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