I’m Jewish and I’m voting Labour. Here’s why

This is the title of an article written by Emily Apple to which a Bournville reader has drawn attention

Her reasons for voting Labour:

      • We have a Labour Party run by an anti-fascist who’s put his money where his mouth is in terms of action;
      • his party seeks a genuine alternative to the status quo of neoliberalism, austerity and gross inequality;
      • she believes a Labour government will make a real difference to millions of people across the world;
      • on behalf of all who’ve suffered under the vile and heartbreaking austerity measures of Conservative-led governments – and
      • of people being bombed with weapons sold by UK companies.

Since Jeremy Corbyn came to power, Emily has seen those that oppose him try every trick in the book to find the key to smearing him. For a while, nothing stuck. Then came the antisemitism ‘crisis’. And relentless pressure, a complicit establishment media that has been happy to ‘distort’ the facts, gross repetition and a witch hunt that eventually worked. Now it’s got to the point where many people automatically associate Labour and the Corbyn project with antisemitism.

there is a horrific rise in antisemitism – it’s just not in the Labour Party – the far right desecrates Jewish graves with swastikas, and there are open attacks on Jewish people in the streets. This is real and utterly terrifying. But unlike the manufactured crisis, it’s got nothing to with critiquing Israel or supporting Palestinian freedom.

But this election has caused her another existential crisis. She supports Corbyn and she’ll vote Labour. But she reminds us to remember that an election doesn’t give us real political power. It’s easy to get caught up thinking ‘my vote matters’ – especially when you live in a marginal constituency.

But – and it is a big but – this doesn’t mean supporting parliamentary democracy. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking at alternatives. And even if Corbyn wins, we need to be looking at ways of dismantling the power of Westminster and putting that power back in the hands of our communities – something Corbyn says he wants to do. She ends:

“But people are dying under the Tories. I’m also terrified for my future, my child’s future, and the future of millions of strangers under the Tories. This is why, as a Jewish person who believes parliamentary democracy is fundamentally flawed, I’m supporting Labour and I’ll be ticking that box come election day – giving Jeremy Corbyn the chance to see him running the country – a chance that needs to be taken”.





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