Jeremy Corbyn’s 2016 conference address – 5: Housing

Housing policy is a top priority. Perhaps nowhere else has Tory failure been so complete and so damaging to our people. In the last parliament at least half a million fewer homes built than needed. 

Private rents are out of control. A third of private rented homes do not meet basic standards of health and safety. The chance of owning a home a distant dream for the vast majority of young people.

There’s no answer to this crisis that doesn’t start with a new council house-building and other new homes that are affordable to rent and to buy.

As John Healey, our Shadow Housing Minister, has shown it can pay for itself and make the taxpayer a profit by cutting the housing benefit bill by having reasonable rents, not exorbitant rents,

And we need new ideas to tackle land hoarding and land speculation.

These are issues that are so vital to how things go forward in this country.

I want a kinder, more caring politics that does not tolerate more homelessness, more upheaval for families in temporary accommodation. A secure home is currently out of reach for millions.

And John Healey has already made a great start on a fundamental review of our housing policies to achieve that.




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