Jeremy Corbyn’s 2016 conference address – 3: cuts for the poorest

Some people have property and power, class and capital, status and clout which are denied to the many. And time and time again, the people who receive a great deal tell the many to be grateful to be given anything at all. 

They say that the world cannot be changed and the many must accept the terms on which they are allowed to live in it. These days this attitude is justified by economic theory.  The many with little or nothing are told they live in a global economy whose terms cannot be changed. They must accept the place assigned to them by competitive markets. Isn’t it curious that globalisation always means low wages for poor people, but is used to justify massive payments to top chief executives.

So let me make this commitment. Our Labour Party will always put people’s interests before profit. 


David Cameron has attacked the living standards of low paid workers and their families through the assault on tax credits.

First, remember that David Cameron pledged during the election not to cut child tax credits. On the Question Time Leader’s debate he said he had rejected child tax credit cuts but the Tories voted it through in Parliament just two weeks ago.

How can it be right for a single mother working as a part time nurse earning just £18,000 to lose £2,000 to this broken promise?  Some working families are losing nearly £3,500 a year to this same broken promise.

And how can it be right or fair to break this promise while handing out an inheritance tax cut to 60,000 of the wealthiest families in the country?  See the contrast. 

So we’ll fight this every inch of the way.

And the Institute of Fiscal Studies has shown Cameron’s broken promise mean millions of workers are still left far worse off. David Cameron’s attack on the living standards of low paid workers and their families through the assault on tax credits.

There is nothing good about cutting support to the children of supermarket workers and cleaners. There is nothing good about leaving hundreds of thousands unable to feed themselves, driving them to foodbanks that have almost become an institution.  And there is nothing good about a Prime Minister wandering around Europe trying to bargain away the rights that protect our workers.

The NHS and the BBC, great institutions, both threatened by the idea that profit comes first, not the needs and interests of our people. That’s the difference between us and the Tories. Our Labour Party came into being to fight that attitude. 




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