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Tom Watson’s proposals as deputy leader

tom watsonTom Watson says: “What I want to do . . . is help our new Leader get into Downing Street so that Labour can make Britain a better place. My project is as simple – and difficult – as that.

Again, I’m told everywhere that it can’t be done; again, I say that it can . . .

These leadership elections were a signal that business as usual isn’t working. The way we do politics has to change.

  • We’ve got to put members at the centre of our party and the aspirations of ordinary people at the centre of our programme.
  • I said I’d overhaul our party organisation and launch a revolution in our digital campaigning. That work starts this afternoon.
  • I promised to back our new leader 100% – I plan to do exactly that, and I ask you to do the same. Only through unity can we find the strength we need.

We must harness the power of the 600,000. We can be the force for change the country needs. Don’t let the media tell you otherwise.