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In his 2007 book of that name, John McDonnell, now Shadow Chancellor,  reviewed the disillusionment of many who elected the New Labour government in 1997, with the increasing cuts in jobs and services, privatisation and pay freezes, the imposition of university tuition fees, homelessness, ‘plundering of the planet’ and costly involvement in military action abroad, causing serious casualties and the deaths of many civilians and military personnel.

This disillusionment has escalated under the succeeding coalition government and the current administration, compounded with a loss of trust in the honesty and good intentions of those politicians who are allied with business interests.

But – twenty years on – there is now a growing awareness of an alternative – that another world is possible. This led to the astounding election of a caring, honest and peace-loving Labour Party leader, untainted by the economic and military decisions made by successive governments, which he has always condemned.

John McDonnell ended his book by calling for the re-creation of a large-scale coalition to make another world not only possible, but a reality. 

As a small contribution to that end,  subject headings which include defence, environment, finance, industry and transport, drawing on  his words in ‘Another World’, the authoritative views of experienced and able people, who have clear proposals based on years of relevant study and practice, are presented.





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