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Jeremy Corbyn? Alex Nunns sets the record straight – a result!

simon-kuperDescribed as a British author and sports journalist, Simon Kuper, in his article “Poor, white and no longer forgotten” (December 17) alleged that “Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seems more interested in Venezuela and Cuba” than “unglamorous, everyday working-class problems”.

Alex Nunns pointed out:

“In the 198 questions that Mr Corbyn has asked at prime minister’s questions this year, he has made no mention of either Venezuela or Cuba.

“He has, though, asked about social care, the NHS, housing, welfare, inequality — as a BBC analysis has shown.

“Are these not the very “working-class problems” Kuper writes of? Neither has Mr Corbyn made any speeches aboutjc-bcc Venezuela or Cuba.

“In fact, he has not commented on Venezuela once, and only mentioned Cuba after Fidel Castro’s death”.

Due to this letter – or for some other reason – an endnote to the article now online said that Mr Kuper’s article had been modified at his own request and the Corbyn reference totally deleted.