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Jeremy Corbyn has made a genuinely socialist party electable for the first time in our living memory


The last thing we need at this critical time is sniping at the leadership from the left!

With a general election possibly on the horizon, the Establishment propaganda assault on Jeremy has already started. Odious right-wing propaganda sheets have been noticeably upping their anti-Corbyn smear-ridden stories over recent days and weeks. The last thing we need at this critical time is sniping at the leadership from the left!

Over the months we have repeatedly witnessed Jeremy’s extraordinary will and courage being tested in the most extreme of ways — and we are hard-pressed to think of any present-day politician who would have been able to withstand the ferocious onslaught that the Establishment has unloaded on to him — and continues to, as we write.

Let’s be clear: Jeremy would be the first to admit — I’m sure with characteristic modesty — that he’s not a perfect party leader

But the very idea of a “perfect” leader always was a fiction and every mortal human being will have weaknesses.

This allegedly “weak” leader has inspired a huge, unprecedented surge of new party members (who else could conceivably have brought hundreds of thousands of new members into the party? — Chuka Umunna; Dan Jarvis; David Miliband?); forced embarrassing U-turns from an arrogant, uncaring government; shifted the political centre of gravity in Britain significantly to the progressive left; brought morality, fairness and peace into previously moribund political narratives; performed very well in local elections before the putsch last summer by the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) elite; has consistently out-performed Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions in recent weeks; has had the courage to take a nuanced, thoughtful view of Brexit — rather than adopting a tabloid-esque, grandstanding “pro” or “anti” position — and has remained dignified and calm in the face of daily vituperative attacks from the media, the entire Establishment and even his own party.

Rather than using any weaknesses Jeremy might have to criticise him from the left, everyone around him should be doing everything possible to complement the brilliant and unique qualities that he does possess.

He has been bullied, betrayed and ridiculed, and yet he carries on with the same grace and care he always shows to others — however objectionable their behaviour and treatment of him might be. The genuinely warm send-off Jeremy recently gave to resigner and serial Corbyn-critic Tristram Hunt is a case in point.

We also know no other politician in this country who possesses the maturity and dignity to have walked out of the unprecedented PLP meeting of June 27 last year with all its scarcely believable bully-boy nastiness directed viciously at him and to immediately urge his many thousands of supporters in Parliament Square to act respectfully, even to those we disagree with.

In the months and years to come, it is our strong conviction that it will increasingly dawn on more and more people that in Jeremy we’re looking at a deeply powerful and courageous human being.

No other Labour leader would have had the strength to withstand the relentless assault that Jeremy has had to endure from all quarters since he became party leader. Nobody else in the PLP could have rescued the Labour Party from the jaws of neoliberalism as Jeremy has; and his proud place in our class’s history is already assured for having made a genuinely socialist party electable for the first time in our living memory.

This post interlards a letter by Richard House with paragraphs – purple font – from an article by Richard and Skeena Rathor







Lesley Docksey on Corbyn’s ‘Straight-talking Politics’

No speechifying, no sound bites, no dire jokes belittling his opponents

Lesley writes:

Standing with fellow wildlife lovers at a small demonstration in all-Tory Dorset, our conversation turned to Jeremy Corbyn and the interest he is generating among all walks of life. Not that your average wildlife enthusiast is that much of a political animal. But most people aren’t until government policies attack or seek to destroy what they care about.

This conversation has happened again and again since Corbyn was elected as the new leader of the Labour party. Wherever one is, if Corbyn’s name is mentioned the conversation perks up and everyone has something to say.

Why has he generated such interest? It is not as though people regard him as the new Messiah. Yes, people relate to his obvious integrity, his genuine common man touch, and his wish to make politics a serious issue and not a shouting match, but it is not that which draws people.

It is what he is saying that chimes, and how he says it. “He’s saying what I want to hear.” “He’s putting forward policies that I believe in.”   “I actually understand what he’s saying – it makes sense.”

It becomes ever clearer how plain his speaking is, no speechifying, no sound bites, no dire jokes belittling his opponents, when you compare it to some of the government rubbish we’ve had to wade through recently. In fact, for collectors of gobbledygook this is a rich and rewarding time.

We’ve been dismayed by the baying circus of Prime Minister’s Questions and the spectacle of David Cameron failing to answer the same question six times in a row. We’ve been unsurprised by the arrogant and inward looking politics that Westminster offers.

We have all heard seasoned Westminster-speak on the Today programme, the Andrew Marr show or PM with Eddie Mair. Whatever question is asked, out comes the well-rehearsed statement. They appear simply to make that one prepared statement. Nothing else is on offer.   They will not discuss alternative views, let alone look at the gaping black holes in their position. Just repeat often enough what the government wants the public to believe, and sooner or later we will all give up and go away, us and our pesky questions. 

Joe Public is picking up on this. He may or may not join the Labour Party but… Despite the sneering and backstabbing, and the plans to oust Corbyn, the kind of politics he is offering takes the public seriously. Our opinions, the people’s opinions, aims and desires matter. And it really is about time the Parliamentary Labour Party recognised that.

And some of us don’t give up. Indeed, we go to the trouble of taking part in ‘public consultations’ which have been mostly hidden from view. And how annoying it must be when, as in the 2010 consultation on the proposed badger culling plans, over 59,000 of us sent in our submissions. 

How to combat such threatening waves of democracy?

See Political Concern: Lesley and Anna Minton on public consultations.


Jeremy Corbyn’s first e-message as Labour Party leader – highlights

jc4It is a deep honour to be elected as our party’s new leader. The honour is not about holding office – it is about the opportunity to serve each and every one one of you in the fight to get a better government for our country”.

Those who voted for him were thanked for putting their faith in him and their commitment to building a better future.

The hope was expressed that those who didn’t, will develop trust in and support his leadership in the coming months:

“The Labour Party is the joint endeavour of each and every one of us. I want to use your talents to make us stronger, and I want to represent you.

”Whoever you supported, we must come together to serve the millions of people who desperately need a Labour government.

“So, help me to be your representative. When I stand at the despatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, I want to be your voice.

What do you want to ask David Cameron? Tell me now and I will put your questions to him in parliament. My questions will be your questions”.